Quantum Career in Jena

Wanted: Reinforcement for our quantum research teams

You are enthusiastic about optical quantum technologies? Then get ready and apply! Contact us even if you desire a specific quantum job, that is not offered yet. We are looking forward to your application. Together the Institute of Applied Physics at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena and the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF formed the joint initiative "Center of Excellence in Photonics", which offers the following vacancies:


Quantum jobs at IAP

The groups of the Institute of Applied Physics (IAP) are permanently looking for bright new PhD candidates, students, and also PostDocs. If you are interested to join one of the research groups, please contact the respective group leader.


Quantum jobs at Fraunhofer IOF

We are looking for scientists, engineers, and technicians as reinforcement for our quantum research teams. For students we offer student jobs, internships, and assisted thesis.

Unsolicited application

You share our fascination for quantum technologies and would like to work on innovative solutions as part of our research team?


Then we are looking forward to your

unsolicited application for Fraunhofer IOF


unsolicited application for IAP

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Job offer Fraunhofer IOF:

Scientific Researcher for Quantum Communication Systems

Want to get a closer look at what we’re working on? Visit www.qunet-initiative.de. Got interested? Then do apply:

Job offer


A nonlinear interferometer at Fraunhofer IOF, developed by project QUANCER.
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Job offer Fraunhofer IOF:

Research Associate Quantum Imaging

We are looking for a postdoc for the department »Emerging Technologies« to work on research topics in the field of quantum imaging, in the group led by Dr. Valerio Gili. Got interested? Then do apply:

Job offer


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Job offer Fraunhofer IOF:

Speculative application for the department Emerging Technologies

FIn the department “Emerging Technologies” you will work on versatile research projects in the field of optical quantum technology or active and adaptive optics.. Please click here for further information:

Job offer


Insecure about where to apply for which job?

Simply contact our quantum career contact person. We will be happy to support you get in touch with the appropriate persons if you need assistance.

Or check out and contact the principal investigators for your desired quantum topic(s).

Exciting topics await you

Detailed information on our research topics and projects can be found in the flyers provided. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together the Institute of Applied Physics at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena and the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF formed the joint initiative "Center of Excellence in Photonics", which presents the following information:


Quantum imaging and quantum sensing

We are looking for the following topics:

Quantum microscopy, quantum spectroscopy, and development of photon pair sources


Quantum optics and data processing

We are looking for the following topics:

Quantum communication, quantum information processing, photon pair source development, quantum key distribution

Scientist working on QuNET systems.
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Scientist working on a quantum communication system.

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Career development programs at Center of Excellence in Photonics

Excellent scientists require excellent opportunities! The Center of Excellence in Photonics (CEP) is committed to not only recruit outstanding scientists for cutting-edge research, but also to help develop these outstanding personalities into renown worldwide experts in their respective fields and to form excellent leaders.

Therefore, on the one hand, the Center of Excellence in Photonics (CEP) and its partners provide a modern scientific infrastructure in the field of photonics and quantum technologies in order to enable the generation of excellent scientific performance and results. On the other hand, the CEP has set itself the task of equipping young scientists with a broad range of skills that will enable them to master not only the scientific but also the leadership challenges in a global and pluralistic scientific and, potentially in the future, industrial environment.

There are several different renown development programs/calls, which are already successfully utilized in the environment of the CEP. Three of these programmes will be introduced in the following and might be, for example, potential options for your engagement in quantum technologies at CEP in Jena.


Junior research groups

Germany's raw material for innovation is the know-how needed to translate ideas and research results into commercial use. Education and qualification of young scientists are the building blocks for our future. This is especially true for a research- and knowledge-intensive field such as quantum technologies.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) publishes calls to fund projects on quantum technologies in junior research groups at irregular intervals. These funding initiatives aim to establish sustainable research structures for young researchers. Excellent young minds are to be given the opportunity to stimulate the transition of basic research findings into novel applications in industry. At the same time, young academics will be offered the best possible starting and general conditions for successful scientific work. This gives excellent young scientists the opportunity to set up their own independent junior research group at a research institution in Germany and to take up new interdisciplinary research approaches in quantum technologies. In doing so, they should qualify for management tasks in industry or research through their research work, the management of the junior research group and the guidance of scientific personnel or by founding a company. Several junior research groups have already been funded and some of these groups are currently being made permanent through the appointment of professorships.

Typically, a close cooperation with existing research groups of the applicant institution in particular, but also with other research institutions and experienced scientists, are explicitly desired. This will promote the development of further in-house expertise and intensive networking with the scientific community, as well as creating synergy effects through the joint use of existing equipment and facilities. In addition, joint conferences and workshops are planned to strengthen the networking of the new working groups with each other and with the relevant areas of the scientific community.

In the context of quantum technologies, there are currently two active research groups at the Center of Excellence of Photonics:

You might get a chance to establish your own junior research group, if you are an excellent scientist in a relevant field of quantum technologies and would like to join our Center of Excellence in Photonics.



The Emmy-Noether-Program is funded by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft - DFG) and aims to give early career researchers an outstanding opportunity to qualify for professorship at a university.

The Emmy-Noether-Program is open to postdocs and junior professors with fixed-term contracts who are at an early stage in their research careers and enables them to establish and lead an independent junior research group for a period of six years.

This program particularly aims to offer an alternative to a “habilitation”, which is traditionally required to be eligible for professorship at German universities. By giving early career researchers the opportunity to establish and lead their own independent junior research group at a university or research institution in Germany, a set of similar and equivalent qualifications shall be achieved (assuming that the junior researchers are also given the opportunity to carry out an appropriate amount of relevant teaching duties). In addition, the DFG specifically encourages female researchers to apply for the program and aims to attract excellent early career researchers, who are currently working abroad.

Currently there are two active Emmy-Noether research groups at the Center of Excellence of Photonics.


Attract Group

The research funding program Fraunhofer Attract offers outstanding scientists the opportunity to develop their ideas in a close-to-market environment oriented towards practical application at the interface between industry and science.

The Attract program of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft enables outstanding scientists to achieve some main objectives in an application-relevant research environment:

  • Promotion of excellence and innovative ideas
    Fraunhofer is able to offer a professional setting for practically oriented research to you. Fraunhofer aims to invite the finest minds to implement their concepts and ideas under the umbrella of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.
  • Qualification for leadership positions  
    By directing your own research group with responsibility for personnel and budget and undergoing an individual advanced training program, you will be enabled to qualify for leadership positions in applied research, at universities or in industry.  
  • Establishment of new competencies and business areas  
    Your skills and expertise provide an ideal supplement to the portfolio of Fraunhofer IOF, particularly introducing fresh know-how. Your newly established Fraunhofer Attract group will be integrated closely in Fraunhofer IOF. Your research group will be provided with excellent working conditions in ideally equipped laboratories. You and Fraunhofer IOF are offered the opportunity to establish new R&D segments and tap into new business areas.
  • Industrial innovation driver
    Ideally the outcomes of your Attract research group should be of economic interest to companies. Follow-up projects or licensing of project results will the basis for establishing your research group permanently at Fraunhofer IOF. The development of solid IP during the initial funding period is an essential component to achieve this goal. The establishment of a spin-off and the transfer of the research group into an industrial enterprise could also be possible long-term goals for you.

You like to handle photons? Then join our quantum team in Jena!

Group pitcture with the heads of quantum research groups in Jena
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